Is your Mane Intention to have someone tell you how great your hair smells?

Replace any unpleasant odor with one of our five fabulous fragrances.


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Apricot Honey

The captivating scent
of sweet apricot nectar
blended with the
richness of honey.

Bergamot Grapefruit

The delicate scent of bergamot combined
with the freshness
of pink grapefruit.

Blackberry Vanilla

The rich, sensual scent of luscious blackberries, jasmine and vanilla

Lychee Blossom

An exotic blend of
fresh lychee, violet
and sweet basil.

Citrus Orchid

An alluring combination
of citrus, passion fruit
and vanilla orchid

Spray on dry hair after styling or anytime you need refreshing. Will not harm chemically treated hair.